C-Town Valet is a company that puts the business of others ahead of our own.

We have a huge network of connections with establishments within the Greater Cleveland for smooth business collaboration.

Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel or hosting private parties, our Cleveland Valet parking solutions are reliable.

Our Cleveland valet service is exceptional. We highly value our clients and having your business as our business, we insure that your customers are satisfied with our valet parking services. We tailor our solutions to whatever business needs.

Our attendants are known not only by their neat, season-appropriate uniform. More importantly, they are known to have business manners such as discipline, courtesy and respect. We train our attendants thoroughly before we deploy them to servicing our clients.

With Cleveland Valet service, you are assured that the cars bringing your guests, sponsors, and Very important Persons (VIP) are safe. Our weddings valet service personnel are all above 21 years of age who passed the background investigation to insure that a person handling every car used for the wedding does not have any criminal history. Screening also includes a driver’s license having no more than two moving violations in Cleveland within the last three years. Of course, on top of the qualifications is having positive and professional attitude.

Outsourcing Cleveland valet offers several advantages to your business. It helps you keep patronage from your customers. You do not have to spend time and money hiring, doing the background check, and training attendants. You do not have to worry about matters related to Cleveland restaurant valet, hotel valet service, private party valet services, and weddings valet service or any business-appropriate valet services.


But most importantly, we see to it that the persons whom you place your trust are worthy of it. We have a Cleveland valet service reputation to protect.