About Ctown Valet

Established in 2001, C-Town Valet is based in Greater Cleveland area. Since then, we are among the prestigious providers of Cleveland Valet services. The scope of our commitment includes the whole of downtown and Warehouse District of the metropolis.

C-Town is an innovator and a leader when it comes to providing valet parking. Our primary offer to all our clients is custom parking solutions, which are delivered on a superior level. We have the heart to listen to our customer’s needs, and we place their interests ahead of our own in providing for such services.

Throughout the years, we have created a thriving mutual relationship with different businesses in Greater Cleveland providing for weddings valet service or private party valet services and as such, we have come to know by heart not only each corner of every business location, but also, the skills in analyzing which route is best taken in order to reach our client’s destination on time, if not earlier.

Our clients come in wide variety to include differently star-rated hotels and the finest of restaurants, airports, and private places even outside the metropolis. C-Town Valet attributes its growth to optimal professionalism.

Our team goes an extra mile in providing for parking solutions. Part of our Cleveland valet services is parking lot management. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled management which can formulate a win-win contract for both the parking lot owner and our company.

Having been in the industry for 13 years, our business grows along with our clientele. Our valet solutions are available not just for hotels and restaurants. We also offer valet parking to:

• Health care facilities
• Corporate or personal events

We can make valet parking solutions to any event, whether personal, family, or business. To have your own quote, kindly contact us.